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Detox Day 2: Combating Cravings


Day 2 was hard. I’m already sick of the food, so I’ll have to really change things up tomorrow. I find it’s harder to finish my meals, even though I’m eating much less. Today, my cravings were fierce! I didn’t think I was going to make it for a couple of hours, but I somehow resisted, and feel much better for it. My mind was so trying to convince me that I needed some donuts, chips, or other junk food. I honestly don’t know how I talked myself back off the ledge, but maybe the affirmations are working? Who knows.  My light headache went away at some point today, but I definitely feel super sluggish – the almost 4 hours of sleep certainly didn’t help my mood. I’m just glad that day 2 is done and in the books.

Day 2 Log (this is going to be eerily similar to day 1)

I didn’t sleep particularly well – couldn’t fall asleep until about 12, and woke up about 4. Still have that low-grade headache.

Woke up, did the 20 affirmations. Had my green juice. I realized I’ll be at the store almost every day. Juicing twice a day takes a lot of veggies.


Last green juice photo! You’ve seen one green juice, you’ve seen them all!

Breakfast menu: (same as yesterday) – ba019c5c178571feb19662e77953c7aebf583ea0e49aked sweet potato with coconut oil, cinnamon, sea salt, and sunflower seeds. Side of bone broth. Ugh. I’m sort of sick of this, and I got a bit of reflux afterwards. Maybe I’m not waiting long enough between juice and breakfast. Not sure.


I had a small snack – banana and pumpkin seeds.

Went to the gym, but didn’t really work out. Too tired. Did get my steam in, though.

Had my pre-lunch green juice: kale, celery, parsley, and a green apple.

Lunch was pretty good.

Lunch menu: big green salad with homemade Dijon vinaigrette, black beluga lentil salad, green beans sautéed with garlic and ginger, bone broth.


After lunch, I did the second visualization, Flow Detox – Creativity, from this website. I snoozed for about 20 minutes after that.

Dinner menu: My avocados were finally ripe! So, homemade guacamole (just avo, lemon juice, and sea salt) with raw carrots, my brown rice and green lentil pilaf, and some pear slices. Bone broth to drink.


Same nightly ritual as last night – listened to visualizations and affirmations while in the Epsom salt bath.


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