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Detox Light – A 7-Day Detox of My Own Creation

I hesitate to use the word detox, as it carries all sorts of connotations, myths, and false promises when used in natural health and healing arenas. I prefer to follow this definition from the Cambridge dictionary: “a ​period when you ​stop taking ​unhealthy or ​harmful ​foods, ​drinks, or ​drugs into ​your ​body for a ​period of ​time, in ​order to ​improve ​your ​health”. That is exactly the plan – to stop eating and drinking unhealthy and harmful foods. Also, to add healthy and easily digestible foods to my diet.

Why? Well, I’m still battling insomnia to a certain extent, after constantly suffering with it for the past 4.5 years. It’s getting better, but I’m still only sleeping 6 hours a night, and I often feel tired. I also have symptoms of hypothyroidism although the labwork says my thyroid function is normal. I’m addicted to sugar! That’s my top reason, actually. There’s no doubt that I am a serious sugar addict. I crave it all day, every day. And, I often give in. I want to sort of reset what I eat. I’d like to eat more vegetables at every meal, and really be in touch with how foods make me feel.

7-day detox (Saturday – Friday) (10/24 – 10/30)

The key components are:

  • Green juice 2x a day
    • Make sure to sometimes include: ginger, lemon, watercress, celery, cucumber, basil, parsley,romaine, beets, spinach, kale (limit raw goitrogens)
  • Bone broth 3x a day
    • a cup with each meal
  • Steam room
  • Epsom salt baths
  • Affirmations, meditations, and visualizations 3x a day
    • upon waking, after lunch, and before bed
  • Lots of cooked and raw veggies (especially those known for their detoxifying qualities)
  • Sea Vegetables: wakame and kombu (added to soups and lentils)
  • Lots of filtered water

I’ll be avoiding:

  • Caffeine, coffee, tea, sodas
  • Any and all sugar (sugar that is in the fruit or vegetables I consume is fine)
  • All grains except brown rice
  • All beans except sprouted lentils
  • All meat, except what’s in my bone broth
  • All dairy and eggs
  • Anything processed – I’ll be cooking all of my meals.

detox meal plan

affvismed for detox

3 days post-detox: (10/31-11/2)

  • still no refined sugar, gluten or bread, corn, caffeine, or dairy
  • Slowly reintroduce foods not eaten on detox




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