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Prepping for the 21-Day Sugar Detox

21dsd level 1 week 1 pic

A screenshot of my meal plan adapted from the 21 DSD Guidebook’s meal plan. I’ve added in my own snack ideas and lengthened how many days I would eat the same thing to cut down on cooking. I’ve also added some of my own meals that fit in level 1.

For the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with low-sugar and low-carb eating trying to curb sugar cravings that I have throughout the day and also attempting to feel my best. Losing a few pounds along the way was a nice side effect.  I didn’t cut any calories. In fact, I may have increased my caloric load. I simply changed my macronutrient ratio to be about 10-15% carbohydrates, 25% protein, and 65% fat.  I felt great while doing this, but it is very difficult to maintain. There is no room for a “cheat” meal or “cheat” day. I would just end up going way off plan and not being able to get back to low-carb eating for days, or even a week or two.

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions and starting fresh, I’ve decided to give the 21-Day Sugar Detox program a try.  I’ll be starting with a large group of strangers (and maybe a couple of friends) on January 5th.  I already own the main guidebook, so I just signed up for the Basic package (about $70) to get lifelong access to the online materials. This includes lots of printables, meal plans, shopping lists, modifications, access to the forum, audio files for each day of the plan, a yoga ebook, a workout ebook, and more. I plan to do the workouts as well – 6 days on, 1 day of rest – all bodyweight exercises that incorporate interval training and are about 20-30 minutes in length. I also joined the 21DSD January Facebook community which is turning out to be a great way to connect with others for support.

I’ll be tracking my progress, posting my meals (pics and nutrition facts – no recipes, as those are mostly from the guidebook and protected under copyright), and writing about my general impressions and experiences going through the program. My plan is to do level 1 in January, level 2 in February, and level 3 in March. If you’re unfamiliar with the 21DSD, it’s basically paleo with some restrictions (no sweeteners of any kind, no sweet potatoes, and only a few types of fruit) and some add-ins (a few grains and beans allowed in level 1), and it focuses on curbing sugar cravings – exactly what I need! I’m still wondering what I’ll do in those approximate 7 days between the end of one level and the start of the next. 

So, this week, in order to prep for the big start on Monday, I’m editing the meal plans to fit my tastes, writing up shopping lists to match those meal plans, and eating up any non-program food in my cupboard.

Oh, and ps – I am in no way getting some sort of kickback from doing this, just another eating plan I’m curious about.

Wish me luck!


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