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Low-Carb, High-Protein Breakfast Ideas with Lots of Veggies!

My witching hour for food cravings is around nine or ten in the morning. I eat breakfast around five, so by nine or ten, I’ve already worked out, and I’m starving. And, I often find myself in the grocery store. I’m usually there intending to buy healthy food for the next few days, but sometimes my cravings get the better of me, and I find myself buying Pirate’s Booty and chocolate chip cookies from the bakery, which I might finish off before the end of the day. This is usually not part of the plan.

This week, I changed what I ate for breakfast every day, and I didn’t have one crazy craving at the usual time. For my other meals, I just tried to eat as many veggies and protein as I could, but I didn’t limit carbs. I even had some sweets, bread, and potatoes. But, not for breakfast.  I tried to keep my carbs pretty low for breakfast in order to help with those mid-morning cravings. I even cut out fruit, something I typically eat a lot of at breakfast.  I ate eggs of some kind every day, and also tried to include at least a cup or two of vegetables. I won’t lie, I found myself struggling to choke down roasted broccoli and asparagus at 5 am some mornings, but I did it! And, I certainly felt better for it.

I must add that I really was inspired Monday night after attending a special food lecture put on at a local restaurant (Sparrow). It was hosted by a registered dietitian that I’ve consulted myself (and love!), Ali Miller. She talked about preventing and treating cancer with food. It was awesome! She talked about certain foods, and their properties, and the chef, Monica Pope, brought out dishes with those foods. So delicious! That talk, and all of the wonderful food I tried at Sparrow, certainly influenced my meals for the week. 

Here are the low-carb, high-protein breakfasts I had this past week…


Sunday: 2 eggs scrambled with spinach, yellow and red bell peppers, and a tiny bit of parmesan cheese; 2 all-natural breakfast sausage links, and 1/3 of an avocado sliced. To drink: 1/2 a cup of whole milk and 2 shots of espresso.



Monday: I know this is a weird mix of food, but I had not gone grocery shopping in a few days, and had to scrounge! I had 1 sunny-side up egg, sliced yellow peppers, pumpkin seeds, and a string cheese. Same latte as yesterday.



Tuesday: 2 eggs over easy, sliced avocado, sliced cherry tomatoes, and sauteed spinach and mushrooms.



Wednesday: 2 boiled eggs with a dash of hot sauce, roasted broccoli and asparagus with a drizzle of homemade dijon vinaigrette (cold and leftover from dinner the night before), and celery sticks with unsweetened sunbutter sprinkled with cinnamon. I saved the celery and sunbutter for after my workout.



Thursday: Same as Wednesday. I have to say that this was such an easy way to prepare broccoli and asparagus. I just roasted them on two cookie sheets in the oven (with a bit of olive oil and sea salt), and threw together a vinaigrette for some tang. So yummy. Eating this for dinner was easy, and very enjoyable. For breakfast, however, was a bit of a stretch for me. But, I’m convinced that I need to eat more vegetables (especially those that are cruciferous).

And, those eggs were nearly perfect. I put the eggs in a pot, cover them with cold water, bring to a rolling boil, put the lid on, and take them off the heat. Then, start the timer. These were pulled and cooled in a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking at 4:30. I think next week, I’ll try 4 minutes exactly to see if I can get a bit of a runnier yolk. Still tasty, though!




Friday: I’m obviously loving the boiled eggs! Two boiled eggs, sauteed spinach and mushrooms, and four Applegate Farms little smokies. I’m going to start branching out with the mushrooms I use. These were baby bellas, but I might try shiitake next week. And, maybe vary the greens a bit.




Saturday: Ok, not my most successful attempt at egg cups, but I used what I had. I would normally use Black Forest ham for the cup, but all I had was sliced turkey. It’s a bit too lean and dry for baking like this, but still turned out ok. Also, I put so much veg in the bottom of the cups (mushrooms, spinach, and red peppers), that the yolk was sort of sitting up on top and cooked strangely. I also added a tiny bit of pepper jack cheese inside. Sliced avo on the side.

1-photo (6)


So there is one week of breakfasts that have certainly helped me control my mid-morning cravings. For next week, I’ll try and vary my veggies a bit (maybe roasted cauliflower and zucchini).  Otherwise, I was pretty satisfied with my breakfasts this week.

FYI – each of those breakfasts, including my latte, was about 400 – 475 calories. The protein count was about 25 – 30 grams (way above what I normally have), and the carbs were minimal – under 18g. The sugar count was under 4g.


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