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Quitting the Gym: 7 Home Workouts

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So, I’m trying to quit the gym. I have a pretty good setup at home for working out – elliptical, bench, lots of hand weights, kettlebells (ok, so only my husband uses those – but, they’re there), stability ball, bosu, step, a weighted bar, medicine ball, foam roller, and a couple more things I’m forgetting. I have enough to train others in my home, so why not quit the gym and work out here to save time and money?  It’s been hard to get into the gym with my toddler this summer. I seem to have activities planned for us every day that take up the time I’d normally be in the gym. I’m hoping that working out at home is the solution. I’ll be doing these workouts for 4 weeks, then I’ll change things up a bit to avoid a plateau.

Here are the 7 workouts I did this past week (see bottom of post for a link to the printable pdf). Yes, I worked out every day, but I really tried to vary muscles so that I didn’t overwork one area. Also, every workout is different. Each workout is 30-45 minutes long, while most are around 35. Totally doable before my little one wakes up every morning. Although, since school hasn’t started yet, she hung out with me in the workout room for several of these days.

I listened to Songza’s Sexy Sweaty Dance Mix playlist. And, any time I had a lull between sets or exercises, I took a “dance break.” I wore my heart rate monitor to calculate calories, and I feel like I got a pretty good workout each day. I’ve definitely been sore this week.

Scan0031 Scan0032 Scan0033 Scan0034 Scan0035 Scan0036 Scan0037

Here’s the printable pdf version: A Week of Workouts


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