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I passed!! What I Did to Study for the NASM CPT 4 Exam


I honestly was not sure what my exam report was going to say – pass or fail. That sucker was difficult! I studied a lot, but a lot of the questions were very deep into the information. Out of 120 questions, I’d say about 10 were easy. That’s it. There were also about 5-7 where I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. As if I hadn’t seen the information before at all. I marked 15 of the questions so that I could go back and look at them again, and I only ended up changing a couple of my answers of those 15. I finished pretty quickly – in about 40 minutes. No scratch paper or pencil were allowed (as I’ve seen other people mention). Oh well. I don’t know what I would’ve written down anyway.


Here are all my study materials. I followed the Study Guide that NASM has on their website. I made flashcards for each chapter according to the study guide. I made a special study sheet for the muscles, organized by body part. I also made a little visual chart for the heart atria and ventricles. The colored sticky notes on paper are all of the postural imbalances and their corresponding overactive and underactive muscles. Know these! The notebook at the top contains all of my notes from each chapter module from the online presentations available through NASM.  I went back through and highlighted important information after making all my notecards. I also reread the book. There were a lot of numbers and minutia on the exam. It asked questions about some of the smallest details, about some of which I just had to guess.  I can’t legally (according to the NASM code of conduct) give you specific information I saw on the test. I’ve blocked it all out anyway. Once I finished the exam, I just felt confused. I really didn’t know what the results printout was going to say. I was just crossing my fingers that I would not have to take the exam again. And, I don’t!! Woohoo! Good luck to all of you out there that still have to take the test. Study!


2 comments on “I passed!! What I Did to Study for the NASM CPT 4 Exam

  1. mytrainerchris
    May 3, 2014

    Congratulations! it is always great to read peoples stories when they reach a goal that they’ve worked so diligently towards.

  2. Marina
    May 3, 2014

    Brava mama.

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