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Study Aids for Personal Training Certification – Learning the Muscles


I’m not sure about the other certification textbooks, but the NASM is pretty dense. There are a lot of terms, systems, and anatomy that are sort of treated as common knowledge. Well, it isn’t common knowledge for me, so I’ve been scouring the web for help with learning and memorizing anatomy and other information for the certification. Here’s what I’ve found that is helping me learn and review the muscles.


Amazing gold mine of resources! The muscle chapter from Biology Corner is awesome! Presentations, study guides, worksheets, quizzes, and more.
Printouts from BiologyCorner:
Get Body Smart – an online interactive human anatomy and physiology textbook
Anatomy and Physiology reference site with images and explanations
Online flashcards to test yourself in anatomy, physiology, training and fitness, and sports psychology
WebAnatomy Muscular System – a great tool to test yourself on muscles
Great games to learn the muscles: Poke-A-Muscle & Match-A-Muscle
Video Explanation of Muscle Tissue
Video Explanation of Muscle Contraction
*There are several more muscle videos if you just follow the playlist from the two above.
Video Explanation of the Anatomy of a Muscle Cell (very easy to understand)
Mr. Ford’s Class – several video lectures and demonstrations of the skeletomuscular system.
Awesome site called “Interactive Physiology” – here’s the description they give: “Detailed animations in Interactive Physiology bring physiological concepts to life, allowing you to understand them, rather than just memorizing them. Fun, interactive quizzes test your knowledge of the material you have learned.” (By the way, I tried this in Chrome, but it wouldn’t work. It did work in Explorer.)

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