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Healthy Eating Weekly Meal Plan


Getting back in the saddle! I made a huge crock pot of chicken and veggie soup yesterday. Super easy and yum. I’ll have to post the recipe later. I also bought some raw pumpkin seeds and roasted them with olive oil and sea salt to snack on during the week. I’ll spend some time today cleaning and chopping veggies into strips (to dip and cook with) while my daughter naps. One other prep I did was make a large pot of steel cut oats that will last me a few mornings.

I taped this to my fridge to remind me what my options are when I start to get hungry. Now, if christmas treats would stop appearing in my house, that would be helpful. My husband brought home a huge edible gingerbread house from my favorite bakery on Friday. WTH!!? Too hard to resist, so it had to go. I find that I can do an ok job of not purchasing these crazy sweets, but when someone offers them to me, I have a hard time saying no.



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