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Light Workout (while under the weather) With New Equipment


Even though I’m still feeling under the weather today, I wanted to try out some new “toys” I got in the mail before I left for Thanksgiving vacation.  These were not a huge investment (see links for pricing), and I wanted to spice up our exercise room.

Here’s what I ordered from amazon (find here and here) –  (chose these due to the reviews):

pro-sourcebandsProSource Resistance Bands

Initial thoughts: These bands are TOUGH! I used the lowest level band (purple – 25-30 lbs), and I could barely do any of the exercises in the book. It just felt like I couldn’t even stretch the bands over my head with it looped under both feet. I could if it was looped under just one foot. So, I didn’t really follow the guidebook. Maybe they need to stretch out a bit? I’m definitely going to have to play around with these a bit to figure out a workable routine and find some exercises that I really like and feel like they give me a good workout. Next stop – YouTube.


Sleek-Tone Loops

Initial thoughts: These are pretty good. The side leg lifts were great with these – really burned. When I tried the ab crunch with rotation, I did have an issue with the band rolling up on me (ladies- think control top panty hose).  But, once I got it all straight, it was a pretty good little tool to add to a workout. These are easily packable, and would be great to take with me while traveling.


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