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Recommitting to the Plan After Multiple Setbacks


What happens when your child gets sick, you get sick, you still have to go out of town (two full days of travel), and Thanksgiving hits? Well, you may not stick to your dietary and fitness plan as much as you’d like. At least that’s what happened to me this past week. I logged in one pretty wimpy workout and did not follow the eating plan I had set out for myself. I didn’t go crazy on Thanksgiving, but once I got sick and was stuck in an airport, let’s just say I didn’t make the best food choices.

The next step for me is to forgive myself, recommit to my plan, and move on. That means sticking to the above food plan and working out the best I can while still sick. I also need to catch up on some studying that should’ve happened over the last week as well. Might I suggest NOT starting a certification program right before the holidays? Once you buy the package, you have 180 days to complete your studying and take the test. Seems like a long time until life happens.

I’m hoping that I will wake up tomorrow feeling just a tiny bit better so that I can try and do a workout of some sort. Does anyone workout while they’re sick, or is that a big no-no?


2 comments on “Recommitting to the Plan After Multiple Setbacks

  1. Great meal plan, looks delicious! 🙂


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