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Working Out to Exhaustion: My Med of Choice


I guess I’ve never really lifted weights to exhaustion, or muscle failure. I have done it twice now since I started training for my new career. And I can’t believe how utterly relaxed, clear-headed, and calm I feel afterwards. I’ll never need another anti-anxiety med again (something I haven’t taken in years, but for which I used to have an ongoing prescription). Who knew that all I needed to do was drop and do 4-5 sets of as many push-ups as I could muster? I had no idea that afterwards I would feel real exhaustion, and that my mood would be in a such a calm state.  I think I, like many women, tended to do a lot of reps of relatively low weights. I’m sure I was receiving some benefit, but nothing like the emotional benefits I seem to receive from lifting heavier weights until I just can’t anymore. The jury’s still out on the physical benefits, but I’m interested to see how my body will be changing over this coming year.

I found some really interesting articles on the subject. Why don’t doctors prescribe REAL exercise before considering other meds that come with so many unwanted side effects? I know that a lot of mental illness may not respond to mere lifestyle changes, but a low level of anxiety and/or depression probably would – at least that’s what the research says.

Further reading:

Now, my food log for today:


Breakfast: Bulgarian yogurt (whole milk) + blueberries, a banana, raspberries, and a drizzle of honey; low-fat latte

Snack: 1 piece of sausage and 1 oat bran muffin (see recipe here)

tortilla roll-ups

Lunch: 2 corn tortilla roll-ups with sliced Applegate Farms turkey, spinach, tomato, a small amount of shredded cheese, and mashed avo with lemon juice; carrot sticks (I just put the tortillas sans avo in my toaster oven on broil for a few minutes – totally delicious and easy!)

Snack: 1 low-fat decaf latte (I know I should’ve eaten more here, but I my afternoon seemed to get away from me once my daughter woke up from her nap)

Dinner: 1 grilled chicken sandwich (no fries or drink – so that’s a plus!) – from Chick Fil A (Not the best choice, I admit, but my husband and I didn’t feel like cooking, and didn’t want to get anything expensive, so this was all I could think of. I’m so glad they show the calories at CFA – my sandwich was 440.)


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