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Getting Organized – Studying for the NASM CPT 4 Exam

As a former teacher, professor, and all around office supply nut, I love organizing! The first thing I’ve done to study for the NASM CPT 4 exam is to get all of my materials organized. I bought the basic package (textbook, some online modules, an online practice exam, and the exam), so I started by printing out the syllabus and study guide and then took a look at the online layout and materials.

I am following the order of chapters in the syllabus. Here is how I’m handling each chapter:

  • Read and print the online overview of the chapter
  • View the online presentation and take notes
  • Do the online mini quiz after each chapter section
  • Read the chapter, highlight, and start a chapter vocabulary list (will later make this list into flash cards)
  • View the online presentation again
  • Do the online mini quiz after each chapter section again
  • Refer to the online overview and make sure I understand and can explain each objective
  • Make a chapter outline to review later

Here are my two binders: (Workouts &  Study Materials)


In my Workouts folder, I have 2 sections: Cardio and Strength Training

foldersections 5-01a22addca6400e8fe6c2806b4ae2ac800ca6bf0fc

Here’s a closer look at my NASM folder:




For you guys and gals who are studying for the NASM CPT 4 (or have finished), what advice or tips can you give me? Leave a comment below. Thanks!


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