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Back, Lats, and Biceps – the Wednesday workout


Had to do my strength training at home today, so I chose these exercises that can be done with dumbbells or nothing at all. I’m finding that I need 45 minutes to an hour to complete my strength training. This was a pretty tough workout for me. I definitely feel worn out, but also relaxed. I’m hoping the soreness won’t be too bad. The hardest part was the planks and push-ups. The circled numbers on the right-hand side show the order I did everything in.

Food log: (I went to a brunch event for my daughters school at 9, so I just had a light breakfast at home at 6.)

Breakfast: low-fat latte, 1 piece of apple gate farms pork sausage, 1 egg fried, and a banana

Snack: 1 mini oat bran muffin (see recipe here: Mamas-Muffins), mixed fruit, tea, bacon

Lunch: tomato soup, 1 piece of Ezekiel toast with Swiss cheese on top, green beans

Snack: Granny Smith apple and pepitas (toasted pumpkin seeds)

Dinner: Turkey sandwich


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