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Day 2 – first weights day

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps + Abs

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps + Abs

Started the day right with a morning strength training session. Did 2 exercises for each muscle group (chest, shoulders, and triceps), and then I threw in some abs at the end. I did follow the suggested reps on (15, 12, 10, 8), aiming for muscle exhaustion each time. It took about 45 minutes. Also did a 5-minute warm-up on the elliptical and a small bit of stretching after. Note to self: research stretching each of the muscle groups because I don’t think what I’m doing is enough. Sorry my writing is so messy – I usually fill this out while on the elliptical for warm-up.

Onto my food: Does eating in the middle of the night count? I had a not-so-good night (I’ll delve into my chronic insomnia issues eventually), and ended up watching some TV from about 1:40 – 5 this morning. Tummy was a rumblin’, so I reached into the fridge for a few dinner leftovers (a mini lemon tart and a dinner roll with butter). Hard to type out and admit it, but that’s what happened. I will try to adjust my calories for the day. Here’s the plan. (will edit any deviations)

Breakfast: 2 slices Ezekiel Cinn Raisin bread + sunbutter + Dalfour Blueberry Jam (no sugar added), low-fat latte

Post-workout snack: Jarlsberg Lite Swiss cheese rolled up with some Applegate Farms turkey slices

Lunch: Dinner leftovers (roast, carrots and mushrooms, green beans, a small helping of mashed potatoes)

Afternoon snack: Decaf low-fat latte (I’ve been up since 1:40 am, mind you), mini granny smith apple, roasted pepitas

Dinner: Arugula salad with cherry tomatoes, carrots, manchego cheese, homemade vinaigrette; side of green beans; small portion of roast

Although I’m SUPER tired today, I feel pretty motivated that I’ve set a goal and am taking solid steps towards it. Over the weekend, I contacted a NASM Education Advisor about the CPT certification, and signed up! I started doing the online coursework, and am just waiting on my textbook to really get into learning and studying the material. I bought the base package, and got a discount by mentioning another PT’s blog. Leave a comment if you’re curious who/how. The online coursework seems pretty good so far.

Off to study!


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